City Services

City Hall

304 Main Ave – Woden, IA 50484
Phone: (641) 926-5715

Volunteer Fire Department

The volunteer fire squad consists of members of the community who are trained in fire fighting skills and who respond to emergency calls in the area. The firehouse was recently rebuilt and is located on the north end of the North Park, 303 Main Ave. The current fire chief is Leroy Vrieze and there are about 15 firemen.


The North Park is located on the west side of Main by the water tower and features a variety of playground equipment as well as a shelter house and basketball court/skating rink.

The South Park is located on the south end of Main and offers tennis courts, a shelter house, and playground equipment.

Community Center

The Woden Community Center, located at 208 Main Ave., was originally known as the Woodmen Hall. It was built by the members of the Woodmen’s Lodge which started in early 1900. It was later known as the American Legion Hall. The hall has been used for dancing, movies, roller skating, and family gatherings in the past. It is now the meeting place of several organizations including the Senior Citizens. The Community Center is also used frequently for breakfasts. The facility can be rented for activities by calling the library.